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9am | 9th Sunday in Pentecost
Today, on the 9th Sunday in Pentecost Growth, we focusses on what the life of faith looks like and how this faith, hope and love inspires us to live in perpetual state of readiness of Christ’s return.
9am | 6th Sunday in Pentecost
Today, on the 6th Sunday in Pentecost Growth, we continue with Paul’s letter to the church in Colossae. Through our Gospel reading we learn the value of gazing on Jesus and His teaching
9am | 3rd Sunday in Pentecost
Today, on the 3rd Sunday in Pentecost, we read Paul’s letter to the church in Galatia. In this letter Paul explains how the disciple of Christ is called to live in the freedom that Christ obtained for us. We are no longer to be held captive to sinful desires, but rather are to walk in the freedom of the Spirit of God.
9am | Pentecost Sunday
This Sunday we will be celebrating Pentecost, the outpouring of the life giving gift of the Holy Spirit.
9am | 5th Sunday of Easter
This week we look at two important Gospel readings, the first when Jesus gave his great command for us to love each other, and secondly, his great command for us to go and make disciples in all nations. Br Bill Nicolle will focus on Christ’s command to love each other as we witness of Christ’s saving work.
9 am | 4th Sunday in Easter
Many people claim to believe in God, and believe they are God’s children. Some even claim to be followers of Jesus. But, in speaking to the Jews, Jesus claimed there are specific characteristic and benefits of those who truly belong to Jesus’ flock.
9 am | 2nd Sunday in Easter
Have you experience a faith crises, a time or a season when believing in God seemed almost impossible? Thomas did! There is a little bit of Thomas in all of us, because all of us have experience time when ‘doubts’ got the better of us.
7pm | Maundy Thursday | The Last Supper & Foot Washing
Just as the disciples gathered with Jesus for their last meal together, during which Jesus washed his friends feet, we too will gather. In our message we will discern whether or not we choose our spiritual food wisely.
9 am 27th March 2022 | 4th Sunday in lent.
This Sunday we listen to the well know parable of the prodigal son. However rather than focusing on the younger son, we will focus on how the older brother responds to his brother’s return. Here we learn to show mercy to the undeserving.

9am 20th March 2022 | 3rd Sunday in lent.
This Sunday we hear as Jesus teaches the lesson of the Fig Tree. Br Bill Nicolle is preaching this week, and he is focussing on Jesus urging us to Come to the Waters and drink.

9 am 27th February | Transfiguration Sunday
This Sunday we finish our series on the book of Revelation, studying chapters 21 and 22. We’ll learn Christ’s Final world on Heaven,
focussing on Christ’s love for his bride the Church.
9 am 20th February | 7th Sunday after Epiphany
We delve into chapters 19 to 20 of the book of Revelation,
learning Christ’s Last Word on Salvation
9 am 30th January | 4th Sunday after Epiphany
We delve into chapters 8 to 11 of the book of Revelation,
learning Christ’s Final Words on Prayer and Prophetic Witness.
9am 9th January | Baptism of our Lord
We delve further into the book of Revelation, looking at Jesus’ thoughts on how to be a faithful church while living in a dangerous world.
9am Saturday, 25th December | Christmas Day
Celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord!
Today we’ll learn what we are to do with the wondrous gifts our generous God has given us.
19th December | 4th Sunday of Advent
Today’s message “Can we find the wonder of Christmas?” When can you last remember being overwhelmed by a sudden experience of true wonder? Perhaps it was a brilliant sunset, or witnessing the birth of a baby, or being inspired by a powerful speech. Sometimes, it takes something big to awaken our spirits and cause us to wonder. Today, we are talking about ‘wonder’ as an experience of awe. God plan to choose Mary to be the mother of Jesus and Elizabeth to be the mother of John the Baptist.

9am | 7th Sunday in Pentecost Growth
Today, on the 7th Sunday in Pentecost Growth, we read the instruction Jesus gave His disciple on how to pray to their heavenly Father. He taught them to pray God-centred prayers with a sense of security in His fatherly care.
9am | 4th Sunday in Pentecost
Today, on the 4th Sunday in the season of Pentecost Growth, we finish Paul’s letter to the church in Galatia. In his final instructions Paul explains our responsibility towards our fellow believers, especially when our brother or sister falls into sin.
9am | Trinity Sunday
Today, on Trinity Sunday, we will consider why understanding God as a Three-in-one union is fundamental to understanding the true Gospel of Jesus Christ
9am | Ascension Day
Today we celebrate the day our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ascended to his Father. We will listen as our Ascended King imparted his blessing to his first disciples, and upon all whom Christ calls to follow him. We’ll learn how we too have been given a responsibility to be a channel of blessing to those around us.
9 am | 3rd Sunday in Easter
Peter failed three times, when he denied knowing his friend and Saviour. But Peter’s failure did not mean Jesus sacked him from his mission team. Instead, Jesus reminded him that from great failure comes important lessons.
10 am | Good Friday | The crucifixion of our Lord
This service is a solemn occasion as we remember Christ’s journey to the cross, where he lay down his life, for his enemies. Our service ends with Jesus being buried in the tomb. Our Message will focus on how the cross is still relevant today.
9am 3rd April 2022 / 5th Sunday in lent.
As we continue on our Lenten journey, please find time to sit with Jesus, let the SON shine upon us as we reflect and contemplate this amazing gift that God the Father has given us in Jesus Christ.

9am 13th March 2022 | 2nd Sunday in lent.
This Sunday we listen in on a conversation Jesus had with some Pharisees who were warning him of Herod’s evil plan to kill him. Our message is about The
Prophetic Hymn of Victory

This service will use a service sheet and will not be livestreamed.
As we enter our Lenten journey and begin a season of prayer and fasting,
today’s message focusses on how we must prepare our hearts
for a season of prayer
9 am 6th February | 5th Sunday after Epiphany
We delve into chapters 12 to 14 of the book of Revelation,
learning Christ ‘s Last Word on Politics and Persecution
9am 16th January | 2nd Sunday after Epiphany
Today we will ponder Christ’s last word on true worship as we learn from what John saw taking place in the heavenlies.

9 am Sunday, 26th December | Boxing Day
Just because it’s Boxing Day doesn’t mean we can’t meet for Prayer, Praise and Proclamation of the great coming of our Saviour. Today we’ll learn about Christ’s Holy Family.
7pm Friday, 24th December | Christmas Eve Carol Service
(with Holy Communion)
Our generous and gracious God has given us the most wonderous gifts. At this carol service we will learn what the five Christmas gifts are – and remind ourselves of the importance to not leave the greatest on unopened.
5th December | 2nd Sunday of Advent
Today’s message, “Jesus is with us during Advent’ will lift all our spirits, as we journey together through Advent, and encourage us, as we live out our lives as Christians, committed to lives of service, in God’ Kingdom!

9am | 8th Sunday in Pentecost Growth
Today, on the 8th Sunday in Pentecost Growth, we read how Jesus reveals how greed can quickly cause us to find our security and confidence in money, rather than trusting in God and our relationship with Him.
9am | 10th July | 5th Sunday after Pentecost | Sea Sunday
Today we look at a collection of passages centred on what it means to offer God true worship without pretence. In our message we learn the fruit of the Gospel is the transformation of our lives.
9am | 2nd Sunday in Pentecost
Today, on the 2nd Sunday in Pentecost, we will be going through the letter Paul wrote to the church in Galatia. Paul explain to them that we are not saved through works but through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
9am | 7th Sunday of Easter
As Jesus prayed His final prayer to His heavenly Father, before laying down His life for the world, He prayed for Himself, for His disciple and for us. Outstandingly, His one request about the future church was that they would be one. Today we learn that unity is different from uniformity.
9 am | Resurrection Sunday | He is Risen!
We celebrate today the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour!
In our message this morning we will reflect on whether
our lives are ‘living proof’ of Jesus resurrection to those around us.
9am 10th April | Palm Sunday
This Sunday we will be reading the passage of what happened to Jesus when He was brought before Pilate. Through this we see Jesus demonstrate such composure when He is surrounded by such hostility. We are called to follow Christ’s great example.

9 am 6th March 2022 | 1st Sunday in lent
This Sunday we enter the season of lent. In our messages we will focus on whether we are prepared to pray the same dangerous prayer as Jesus did.

9 am 13th February | 6th Sunday after Epiphany
We delve into chapters 15 to 18 of the book of Revelation,
learning Christ ‘s Last Word on Judgement
9am 23rd January | Aboriginal Sunday and Australia Day Celebrations
Today we delve into chapters 6 and 7 of our series of Revelation, learning Christ’s final word on evil, and the protection we have with God’s seal on our forehead.
9 am Sunday, 2nd January 2022 | Epiphany Sunday
We join with the apostle John as he experiences the appearing of
the Lord Jesus Christ. His letter of Revelation will comfort us and teach us to be a faithful church in a dangerous world.
11pm Friday, 24th December | Holy Communion Service
Join us on this most Holy Night as we learn the importance of sharing in God’s Midnight Nourishing Feast.
12th December | 3rd Sunday of Advent
Today’s message, “Being surprised by The Life” Can you remember a time when even as you waited for something to happen, it actually happened and before the date you were expecting it? If there’s one thing today’s bible readings emphasise it is that even while we anticipate Jesus coming among us, and even as we prepare our hearts for his coming among us, We are called to be living out the Christ-life. And this is how the prophetic works.
21st November | Christ the King Sunday | 9 am
This week we consider our Saviour and King, Jesus Christ. Br Bill Nicolle will preach on “Our King as the Image of the Invisible God.” Our Saviour shows us how to live as servants to others in our world.