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28th November | 1st Sunday of Advent
Today we look at Psalm 25 a prayer worth learning off by heart. When your world is shaken, or you encounter a crisis, it is helpful to have a prayer that becomes like stepping-stones
lighting up a clear way
forward upon which to walk.
7th November | Recognising the work of Defence, Health & Emergency Services
In recognition of the Defence forces and the Health and Emergency Services we consider Jesus’ warning about the trap the religious leaders of his day had fallen into: the trap of being more concerned with receiving the praise and adoration of others, than God’s affirmation.
17th October | 21st Sunday in Extra-ordinary Times | 9 am
We continue to look at Job’s story, specifically the relationship of trust with God is more important than answers to our question of “Why?” Br Bill brings our message today entitled: Living lives that enthrone our Servant King.
26th September | 18th Sunday in Extra-ordinary Times | 9 am
This week we explore the story of Esther, focussing on how the story teaches us to search for God when he seems absent from our world. Our message today is entitled The story of Esther: Facing a fearful future with courage
5th September | 15th Sunday in Extra-ordinary Times | 9 am
While we continue to live in troubled times, building walls of protection around our heart – opposition presents itself! This is what Nehemiah experienced as he built the walls of Jerusalem. This week we learn about building walls when opposition become intense.
15th August | 12th Sunday in Extra-ordinary Times | 9 am
Today we delve into a series on the book of Daniel, learning how to live courageous lives during troubled times. This week, Br Bill Nicolle brings us the message, looking at how Jesus the bread of life sustains us. Also available is a special message, preached last week, entitled: Discovering the Secret Place of the Most High.
25th July | 9th Sunday after Pentecost | 9 am
Today our message tells us that we are being watched by the heavenly hosts. David was watched as he made his disastrous decision to enter into a well-know illicit affair. He did not realise the dramatic ramifications, not only in his own life, but for the monarchy and the entire nation of Israel,
3rd July | 6th Sunday after Pentecost | 9 am
Today we conclude our series on Paul’s letter to the Corinthians as our reading delves into the purpose of unanswered prayer. What we’ll learn is that even God’s answer of No can become an answer of Yes to our spiritual development.
13th June | 3rd Sunday after Pentecost | 9 am
Today’s service we welcome Robert and Maureen Marsh who will share about their intercessory prayer ministry. This forms part of our Pentecost series as we learn how to live as God’s ambassadors in the world. For those who are unable to watch or attend our live livestream service a message is available to read.
23rd May | Pentecost Sunday | 9 am
Today’s service celebrates the powerful outpouring of the Spirit of God on the gathered Christian community. From this momentous event the church began to spread the word about the good news of Jesus around the world. Br Bill Nicolle will bring the message about how the Christian church is called to action in the world.
5th December |2nd Sunday of Advent
Today’s message, “Jesus is with us during Advent’ will lift all our spirits, as we journey together through Advent, and encourage us, as we live out our lives as Christians, committed to lives of service, in God’ Kingdom!
14th November | 25th Sunday after Pentecost | 9 am
At the end of a long and tumultuous year we hear the call of our Saviour to remain faithful to the end. But, how are we to do so? Today’s message revisits the picture story of Pilgrims Progress to learn how to stay faithful on the King’s Way when the path is hard going.
24th October | 22nd Sunday in Extra-ordinary Times | 9 am
We reach the climax of the story of Job. God’s appearance in the whirlwind. How did Job see God and can we too, place ourselves in a position to have eyes that see God?’ Jesus in fact answered this question, when he taught, ‘it is the pure in heart that see God’ (Matthew 5:8). Today, we’ll learn that a pure heart is gained by the person who has a genuine relationship with God.
3rd October | 19th Sunday in Extra-ordinary Times | 9 am
This week we contemplate the story of Job. He was a blameless, upright man who feared God, yet God allowed him to suffer calamity at the hands of Satan. We see Job who had everything, lose it all, without explanation, and without a word of accusation against his God. The story of Job exposes our own struggle to understand God’s justice in allowing the innocent to suffer.
12th September | 16th Sunday in Extra-ordinary Times | 9 am
This week we see how Nehemiah urged God’s people to return to hearing God’s law.
James also teaches us that it is not sufficient simply to ‘hear’
God’s word, we must also obey it and apply it in our lives.
22nd August | 13th Sunday in Extra-ordinary Times | 9 am
Today we’ll learn from the life of Daniel that by learning from God’s Word, and following God’s strategy, we can be fully protected even while living in the battlefield of this turbulent world. Do we remember to put on God’s powerful spiritual armour when we’re told the importance of wearing a face mask to protect ourselves and others from the virus that lurks?

1st August | 10th Sunday after Pentecost | 9 am
Today’s message explores the characteristics of growing together in maturity in Christ. We are urged by the Apostle Paul not to remain immature in our faith, but rather grow together in unity, so that we mature in our knowledge of the Lord. Today’s message will explore the marks of the mature disciple of Christ.
11th July | 7th Sunday after Pentecost | 9 am
Today we begin the series on Ephesians. With Paul’s letter teaching that we sit in the realms of Christ’s authority in the the heavenlies. From this vantage point, we are called to do all we CAN, praying for God to do what we CANNOT, in our community.
20th June | 4th Sunday after Pentecost | 9 am
Today’s reading is from Paul’s second letter to the believers at Corinth. in which he commended the example of his own ministry, calling every disciple of Christ to live as faithful ministers of the Gospel. We are to remain faithful to speak of Jesus’ salvation despite experiencing hardship, struggles or being despised or ridiculed by people.

21st November | Christ the King Sunday | 9 am
This week we consider our Saviour and King, Jesus Christ. Br Bill Nicolle will preach on “Our King as the Image of the Invisible God.” Our Saviour shows us how to live as servants to others in our world.
31st October | All Saints Day | 9 am
This week we will contemplate the struggle with have with feelings of guilt, but most often when we fail to follow our conscience. Unfortunately, our life experiences shape our conscience. Only when our hearts are cleansed by the precious blood of Christ can guilt be washed away. Only then are we free to live with a cleansed conscience.
10th October | 20th Sunday in Extra-ordinary Times | 9 am
We continue on with Job’s story, an upright man who feared God, yet God allowed him to suffer calamity at the hands of Satan. Unbeknown to them, Job’s three friends come to offer their explanations for his suffering. Their advice in short was God was punishing him. Then comes the explanation offered by Elihu, a much younger voice. Elihu offers valuable wisdom on the value of adversity in our lives.
19th September | 17th Sunday in Extra-ordinary Times | 9 am
This week we conclude our series in Nehemiah, but focus mostly on James’ instructions for us to be watchful with the words that escape from our mouth. Br Bill Nicolle teaches on the importance of using our mouth to sow seeds of peace.
29th August | 14th Sunday in Extra-ordinary Times | 9 am
Have you ever looked at your life (both your inward or your outward life) and cried out to God in despair, ‘my life lies in shambles?’ Then the book of Nehemiah is for you! We’ll spend four weeks in the book of Nehemiah, during which we’ll learn the four dominant messages. We are in for a rollercoaster ride – are you ready?
8th August | Transfiguration Sunday | 9 am
Today we begin a series on the book of Daniel. Rather than focussing on the Gospel passage of the transfiguration of Jesus, we will delve into the vision which Daniel received more than 500 years before – a vision which formed the background to what Peter and John saw. This was evidence of the surety and reliability of God’s word. .
18th July | 8th Sunday after Pentecost | 9 am
Today we we look at Mark, when Jesus sees the men of Galilee like sheep without a shepherd. There are many who are without a shepherd who are invited to join God’s family.
27th June | 5th Sunday after Pentecost | 9 am
Today’s reading considers Jesus’ encounter with a woman, who lived in continual fear and trepidation, yet was able to step outside her comfort zone, in desperation for healing, she was driven by
determination to seek deliverance.
6th June | 2nd Sunday after Pentecost | 9 am
The season of Pentecost draws us towards Paul’s second letter to the church at Corinth – a church which struggled to remain faithful to the cross of Christ, due to the influence of their surrounding culture. In our message we will see how unlike our world today, God is looking for weaklings who will trust in his strength alone.