Worship at home

22nd Nov |  Christ the King Sunday

This week we celebrate that Jesus Christ is King!

This week Reverend Kevin Wares will lead our service, while Rev Melinda is on annual leave.

Click the pictures (on your left and right) to download either the Service Sheet and the daily devotional entitled “Preparing for the season of Advent”.

29th November 
First Sunday of Advent

This week we step into the season of Advent – but we learn there is a big difference between waiting for our Saviour’s coming and watching for our Saviour’s return.

In our message today we learn how to be an alert watcher, rather than a distracted waiter. 

Click the pictures to download either the Service Sheet and the Advent daily devotional. Rev Mel’s message transcript will be uploaded later. 

I will provide more details on the characteristics of Spirit Adulthood in a few weeks.

All Southlakes Anglican discipleship resources are available at our new ‘Discipleship‘ page.