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4th Sunday after Pentecost

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Journey towards experiencing the Father heard of God

Some resources and devotionals which may be helpful

These resources are available in book form or electronic version from the Church foyer or office. Please let RevMel know if you'd like to borrow a copy.

Pentecost Devotional

Walking with the Holy Spirit for Thirty Days of Spiritual Discovery

Part 1:
Who is The Holy Spirit?

Day 1: Introducing the Holy Spirit

Day 2: Knowing the Holy Spirit

Day 3: The Spirit of Missions

Part 2:
The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

Day 4: The Creative Spirit

Day 5: The Enabling Spirit

Day 6: The Prophetic Spirit

Part 3:
The Holy Spirit and Jesus

Day 7: The Spirit Prepared the Way

Day 8: The Spirit Empowered Jesus

Day 9: Jesus Promised the Spirit

Day 10: Jesus Poured Out the Spirit

Part 4:
The Holy Spirit and the Mission of God

Day 11: The Holy Spirit Gives Life to

 the Church

Day 12: The Holy Spirit Empowers Us

 for Mission

Day 13: The Spirit Directs Us in the


Day 14: The Spirit Enables Us to

 Represent Christ ……..

Day 15: The Spirit Works in the Lives

 of Unbelievers

Part 5:
The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Day 16: What Is the Baptism in the

 Holy Spirit?

Day 17: Why Every Christian Must Be

 Baptized in the Spirit

Day 18: You Can Know You Have Been


Day 19: You Can Receive the Holy

 Spirit Today

Day 20: You Can Help Others Receive

 the Holy Spirit

Part 6:
The Holy Spirit Helps Us

Day 21: The Spirit Helps Us Pray

Day 22: The Spirit Enables Our


Day 23: The Spirit Helps Us

 Understand the Bible

Day 24: The Spirit Helps Us Become

 Like Jesus

Day 25: The Spirit Encourages and

 Guides Us

Part 7:
Living and Ministering in the Holy Spirit

Day 26: Speaking in Tongues: Its

 Blessing and Benefits

Part 6:
The Holy Spirit Helps Us (continued)

Day 27: Ministry in the Spirit

Day 28:
Spirit-Anointed Preaching and Teaching

Day 29: Gifts of the Spirit

Day 30: Fruit of the Spirit