We love children at Southlakes Anglican and we love to welcome new children into the family of God through baptism.

However, not many families understand what baptism means. If you are considering having your child baptised with us, please download and read the following information. This will assist you to understand the two different types of services we offer.

The birth of some children is carefully planned; others come as a surprise. But it is always a wonderful privilege - and a great responsibility - to care for a young child. So it's very natural to want to give thanks to God for one of the greatest gifts he has ever given you, and to ask for his blessing on your child and your family.

Two Options: Things have changed a little in the church since we were children ourselves. Parents now have two options. You can choose a thanksgiving service or a baptism service. Both services occur during the Sunday service and take around 15 minutes.

You can read more about these two services in our "A Church Service for your Child" brochure. Click the picture to download.

Our minister Rev Melinda McMahon loves to tell a good story.

Here are a collection of stories, written and illustrated by Rev Melinda McMahon.

These stories form part of The Little Book of Blessing Series and may be downloaded for free as a PDF or watched in video form.

Stories to read:


The Eternal Author’s Mysterious Story


Perfect Home


The Disastrous

Stories to watch:


The Eternal Author’s Mysterious Story


The Perfect Home


The Disastrous Decision