The Great Southlakes Anglican Blessing Stone hunt has begun!

Just some of the 36 blessing stones to be found!

So, I was walking along, on one of my daily walks – and happened to find the most beautifully painted stone – prepared by a children during lockdown. The stone was strategically placed in a tree – inviting any person who happen to be passing to pick it up – a treasure found!

My mind went to work! What a wonderful way to bring blessing to the community – leaving colourful words of blessing and hope for anyone to find!

So, I got to work and after just a few days, 36 beautifully painted stones were ready to be released!

The stones have been placed in Morisset, Bonnell’s Bay, Wangi Wangi – the entire Southlakes region.

What do I do if you find a stone?

Well – if you like, the stone is yours to keep – consider yourself gifted with a pretty little stone of blessing.

Or – if you prefer, you can leave the stone in its position for someone else to find. But first, take a photo of the stone and upload it to our facebook page.

I hope you find one!