Growing as a Disciple

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The believer is on a journey – a journey to becoming a mature disciple of Christ.  We at Southlakes Anglican Church recommend the following resources.

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Using Jim Putman’s 5 stages of Spiritual Growth, the Spiritual Growth Assessment Questionnaire helps the believer to discern which areas of their life need growth and development.

Using Jim Putman’s Real Discipleship, this resources describes the disciples’ 5 stages of growth.  This is a summary of the five stages.  Further information is available from Jim Putman’s website.

The following discipleship courses are recommended:  Each of these are designed to progress the believer from infancy to childhood.

    First Steps: Beginning the Disciple’s Journey
    By Brandon Guindon and Jim Putman
    Self-Paced Paper Workbook: Six weeks

Description: This is designed for new believers who are beginning their journey to learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  This is a six week self-paced workbook course.  The course commences with understanding the Gospel message to what it means to be part of the mission of Christ in the world.


Deeper Walk International: Heart Focused Discipleship Course

By Video and Workbook Course: 8 Weeks

This is an online course in which you watch an episode (approximately 40 minutes long) and then answer questions in a workbook.  

Description: Course One of the Deeper Walk Institute explains the foundations of heart-focused discipleship. This is core discipleship material that every Christian needs to understand. You will learn how heart-focused discipleship is different than traditional discipleship and four core issues that can help you get unstuck and get moving in your walk with God. You may watch the videos and download the workbook from here:


Learning from Jesus: A Spiritual Formation Guide

By Lynda G Graybeal and Julia Roller

Book for Individuals and groups

This study guide has been created to help each of us enter into the story of the Bible so as to see our own story, our own journey in the great cosmic drama of divine-human relationship. May we choose to surrender freely to this river of life, receiving and helping others to receive this Life, this Zoë, as our own. (Forward by Richard J. Foster)  This book is available as a PDF for you to read at your own pace.  Please see the Church Office for this guide.

Connecting with God: A Spiritual Formation Guide

By Lynda G Graybeal and Julia Roller

Book for Individuals and groups

This study guide is another Renovare Resource. Con­nect­ing with God gives prac­ti­cal advice for com­muning on a deeply per­son­al lev­el with God. It uncov­ers new places to look for God, while pro­vid­ing reflec­tion ques­tions and activ­i­ties to rein­vig­o­rate com­mu­ni­ca­tion with God in such tra­di­tion­al areas as prayer and Bible study. (Forward by Richard J. Foster)  This book is available as a PDF for you to read at your own pace.  Please see the Church Office for this guide.

Kingdom Disciples: 8 Keys to Life Transforming Discipleship

By Tony Braun
Book with reflection questions
The purpose of this book is to produce unreasonable, unorganized, uncompromising, focused spiritual people who will carry out the desire of the Christ to reach a lost and dying world. It is written for a variety of people: people who don’t know how to be spiritual, people who are tired of religion, and people who are tired of trying to live a Christian life devoid of power. It is written for church leaders, lay or otherwise, who are tired of having zero converts, zero baptisms and zero impact on their communities, year after year!  
This book is a working textbook so you will have a clear plan on how to be a disciple and how to make Kingdom disciples that truly function as disciples of the great commission. Each person who works through these teachings will know how to walk with the Lord, see others come to Christ, and know how to equip the new disciples to reproduce their lives to do the same. The book teaches you how to live within the Kingdom of God.

A PDF version of this book is available from the Church office.

The Sensible Shoes Club
By Sharon Garlough-Brown A Narrative approach to spiritual formation
Journey through the moving story of four strangers who embark together on a journey of spiritual formation. Join Hannah, Meg, Mara and Charissa as they reluctantly arrive at a retreat centre and find themselves drawn out of their separate stories of isolation and struggle and into a collective journey of mutual support, and personal revelation.
* This book is part of a series – an excellent resource to read during a global pandemic !! *
A PDF version of this book is available from the Church office. OR, the print version  may be purchased. 


Becoming a Disciplemaker

These resources and courses are designed to assist believers grow from young adulthood to parenthood, becoming a disciple maker and able to grow believers to maturity.


Living the Mission: Spiritual Formation Guide

by Renovare (
Book with reflection questions

Living the Mission explores what it means to be a Christian today. By examining the early church’s struggle in the wake of Jesus’ devastating death and awe-inspiring resurrection in the book of Acts, we learn how we can follow Jesus.  We learn how Jesus is till with us in the Holy Spirit, and we how we are called to form communities into which we are forever inviting others.  Conveniently organised for individuals or group study, Living the Mission explores the heart of what it means to follow Jesus and be part of his church.  This book is available as a PDF from the Church office.


Maker’s Series 1: The Maker’s Project

By Jim Putman

Video and workbook for Individuals and groups

This study is designed to assist those who are wanting to fulfil God’s plan for their lives by being a disciple of Jesus, and making disciples of Jesus.


Faith Pictures Course

By Church Army

Video and discussion style course

This course assists believes to learn how to share their faith with unbelievers.